Fushimi Inari Shrine, Kyoto, Japan

The Fushimi Inari Shrine is a 4km trail of small shrines. Each of the torii is donated by a Japanese business. The donations help maintain the site and pay for new torii. The shine is built to honor Inari, the God of Rice. We visited the shrines on April 4th 2014. This was one of the most amazing places and sights…

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Marker Jester Pro – Ski Binding Review

The Marker Jester Pros I own are the 2013 model, centre-mounted on Volkl Walls (2014). The Marker Jester Pro Ski Bindings 2013 feature a new toe and heel from the Duke, plus a new, wider toe base plate. The toe features an updated horizontal torsion bar reinforcement enhancing power and lateral precision. This stops the…

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Volkl Wall 2014 – Ski Review

The wall is Volkl’s team park and pipe ski. The Wall I own is 177cm, 115mm-87mm-115mm and Centre-Mounted with Marker Jester Pros. I have skied the Walls all season at Mt Buller, Australia. I’ll preface this review by stating it’s one of the best skis I have skied. The Wall is a rigid and responsive ski on the…

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#Helmets AreCool

#HelmetsAreCool on Vimeo

via #HelmetsAreCool.

I’m a big advocate of wearing helmets on the snow. I ski with my helmet everyday and I have convinced so many friends and mountain guests to wear helmets.
I’ve been working at a VERY busy ski resort that has a lot of day trip and first time ski/snowboarders. It’s always frustrating to see peoples attitudes towards helmets. But I will always take time to push for them to take a helmet. Some people often turn helmets down because of the extra charge. I couldn’t handle it if that person who didn’t take a helmet because of cost hurt themselves. So I risk getting in a lot of trouble and will hand it to them for free.
I don’t want to scared people into HAVING to wear a helmet so I take the approach of saying that your progress SO much faster, having a helmet, as you not as scared to try that something new.

Something I made when I was bored waiting for winter:

The smartest thing you do today could be picking your helmet up in the morning.

End of a Season That Never Quite Was – Buller 2013

“I worked a season at Mt Buller, 2013…
And all I got we’re these 6 lousy stitches.”

Six Stitches

A Totally Unavoidable Accident

Totally worth it!

80s Day at Mt Buller

As the happiest day on the Mountain rolled up I found myself unprepared, with no costume. But I did have a beard. That was enough to start off a costume…

1) Hack beard into random arrangement assortment of facial hair. Check.
2) Borrow clothes. Leather vest. Next.
3) Combine leather vest with a denim shirt I already owned. Check.
4) Pass off extremely loud and obnoxious base-layer leggings as pants. Yes yes yes.
5) Look sexy. Wait for a hybrid of compliments and disgust