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Chris Davies

I’m currently living the dream… Updates coming soon. Chris Davies
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Chris Davies
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Self studying Visual Merchandising, Retail Buying and Merchandising. Recently just finished studying Mountains 101.

I am currently working in the Ski Leisure and Tourism Industry. Further expanding my knowledge on all aspects of the industry and different markets operations.
Travel has allowed me to gain experience in the international tourism arena and build a repertoire of customer service skills adaptable to a diverse spectrum of guests from a wide variety of cultures and backgrounds.

Specialties: Advertising, Marketing, Copy Writing, Social Networking, Social Media, Social Media Marketing, Content Management.

* Social Networks & Online Media *
LinkedIn // Twitter // Facebook // Google+ // WordPress // Foursquare // Pinterest // Instagram // YouTube // Vimeo // Bit.ly (and more still…)

:- Advanced PC & Mac user
:- Able to learn new systems and technology at a fast rate
:- A keen and early adopter of Technology
:- Follows recent trends in Social Networking
:- Actively involved in a plethora of Social Networks
:- Photoshop
:- Microsoft Office
:- Mobile Apps

My Personal Website and Blog: www.CDavies.me