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SIDAS - Always Sign your work 0

Always Sign Your Work

Make sure to always sign your work. A lot of time and effort goes into making custom footbeds. An artist always signs his work.   Check out more of My Ski Boot Posts  

Fischer Ski Boot Fitting Without Snow, with water 0

Ski Boot Fitting Without Snow

Pre-season Ski Boot Fitting Without Snow… While Ski Boot Fitting without snow is not so uncommon in the ski industry, my shops resort to cooling using cooling packs. I find this little trick gives...


POC Exhibition Pop Up

During the 2015 Buller season we wanted to host an event to showcase a Sale for POC goods. We brainstormed everything from, Live Music in store, to just putting up a few posters and...


Retail Buying and Merchandising

Fast Track Retail Buying and Merchandising Certificate of Completion by Dr Tish Chungoora on Udemy. I am extremely happy to have taken the Fast Track Retail Buying and Merchandising course. It has allowed me to academically contextualise what I...


Mountains 101 Certificate

Mountains 101 Certificate of completion from Mountains 101 by University of Alberta on Coursera. I am extremely happy to have taken this course and to have completed it with 100% marks.   Check out my...

Science of Persuasion feat 0

Science of Persuasion

I just had to share this video from InfluenceAtWork about the Science of Persuasion. I have to find ways to include elements of this in staff training sessions and staff inductions. There is so much application...

Just Day 2 Using SketchUp 0

Day 2 Using SketchUp

It’s just Day 2 Using SketchUp… …and I feel as though Im getting the hand of things now. Certain things still take some time and often a lot of trial and error. However, the...

SketchUp. One Point Perspective. Learning perspective drawing 0

Learning Perspective Drawing

My First Attempts at Learning Perspective Drawing I have recently started to self study Visual Merchandising. Reading various source materials and watching lectures online. One of the first things that is often discussed is...