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POC Exhibition Pop Up

During the 2015 Buller season we wanted to host an event to showcase a Sale for POC goods. We brainstormed everything from, Live Music in store, to just putting up a few posters and...

Rail Jam Sale Poster 0

Rail Jam and Tignes Spirit Sale Poster

Another quick poster advertising a Tignes Spirt Sale during the TC’s Rail Jam The annual TC’s Rail Jam Hosted By JC’s Bar. Prizes and judging contributions from Tignes Spirit. Check out more of my Quick Poster...

Tignes Spirit Sale Poster 0

Another Tignes Spirit Sale Poster

Another Tignes Spirit Sale Poster Had a little more time to make this Tignes Spirit Sale Poster. I used two photos taken of the shop (just on camera phones) and put the shop sign in focus. I had...